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Introduction to eConnector Project

eConnector is an instant messaging software for both UNIX-compatible and Windows platforms. Current status of project is pre-alpha. There is a file on "Downloads" section, which is just showing how will eConnector seem like. There will be GTK and curses examples very soon. Please go ahead and read how will eConnector work!

eConnector In Action!

Simply, eConnector do not any special server software! eConnector works with any WWW server which supports PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL or Microsoft Databases (SQL Server or MSAccess). There are 2 basic server files which must be uploaded onto web server:

  1. Login Script
  2. Update Script

1. Login Script

Login script lets users login! Simply, checks out whether user entered correct login and password. To learn more about login, please go to "Login Operation" section.

2. Update Script

Updates some database fields. This allows others see, search, add or messaging with others. To learn more about update, please go to "Login Operation::Updating Global Database"

Actually, eConnector is a client for this basic "Login and Update" server. We will now examine how is it working...

eConnector Database Structure:

eConnector has got 2 databases:

  1. Local User Database
  2. Global Database

1. Local User Database

This database holds local user(s) information.